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now! we are on the brink of disaster. there was no reason for the russian federation to invade ukraine. the entire global the unitywill support of ukraine. confrontationest between moscow and the west since the cold war, russian troops have seized the crimean section of ukraine a week after the ouster of ukraine's pro-russian prime minister. but more of ukraine falter russian forces? we will speak with the a professor timothy snyder and former cia analyst ray mcgovern. and then xl dissent. >> hundreds of young people came here from all over the country, 42 states committed show president obama that keystone xl is not ok and not in our national interest. >> nearly 400 students and other young people are arrested after they chained themselves to the gates of the white house, calling on president obama to reject the keystone xl tar sands pipeline. a love that in more coming up. -- all of that and more coming out. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. russian troops have seized part of ukraine's crimean peninsula in what has become moscow's bi
that was russian's man in ukraine in which viktor yanukovich asked for the russian forces to come to the aid of ukraine. take a listen to the long standing russian ambassador to the u.n. reading the letter. >> the country is in outright terror and driven by the west and people are persecuted on political and language grounds and i appeal to president of russia putin to use the russian federation to protect the people of ukraine. >> so the reading of the letter is new, and that is very interesting, but the russian position, tony, has not changed, the russians they are coming to aid of the people in the ukraine, particularly in crimea because they are seeing the opposing of viktor yanukovich, the removing of him from power as a coup by the european union and the united states. >> well, harsh words in response a to russia's justification for moving the forces into the ukraine, what did the u.s. ambassador have to say. >> yes, she's the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and saying what are you kidding me, when did moscow suddenly care about human rights. >> what might think that moscow is a rapid resp
ukraine. russian troops surround ukrainian military facilitators in crimea. the ukrainian prime minister calls it a declaration of war. secretary of state john kerry issues a new warning to russia next on pbs "newshour weekend." >> pbs "newshour weekend" is made possible by louis b. and louise coleman. judy and josh westin. the walloch family, rosalynn p. walter. corporate finding provided by mutual of america designing customized individual retirement. that's why we're your retirement company. additional support is provided by -- and by public broadcasting and contributions from pbs viewers like you. thank you. from the tisch studios linc center in new york hari sreenivasan. >> thank you for joining us. international crisis surrounding ukraine benefitsified with many experts describing the situation as the greatest threat to east-west relations since the cold war. russian troops invade territory of crimea in the last hours today surrounded ukrainian mirlts. the prime minister of ukraine said that action brought the neighboring companies within what he described as a few inches
with russian combat troops seizing control of the crimean peninsula after a bloodless showdown. ukraine's prime minister is calling it a declaration of war. tonight his country's outgunned and outnumbered army has been placed on a war footing while the u.s. and its european allies are working to punish russia economically and politically. and late word this afternoon that u.s. secretary of state john kerry will soon be on his way to the region. we're covering developments from washington to crimea, which is where nbc's bill neely starts us off tonight. bill? >> reporter: yes, russia's takeover of crimea, lester, is almost complete. they've done it without tanks, without firing a single shot. ukraine's navy is either under russian guard or gone. its army now surrounded by moscow's men. russian soldiers on the march in ukraine. this unit is taking up positions outside a ukrainian army base. the objective? to take it from troops who were once their comrades in the soviet army. but times and loyalties have changed. the russians have come prepared for a fight. behind the gate, the ukrainian troops a
before 2014. ukraine leading up to today. russia tightened its grip in ukraine on monday. russian soldiers are now in control of all ukrainian border posts. tensions remain high. 1 example: earlier in the day, there was a report by the inter fax news agency that the russia's black sea fleet commander issued an ultimatum warping ukraine's military. the russian ministry of defense called that report total nonsense. president obama meeting with israeli netanyahu vowed to keep up the diplomatic pressure on russia. >> with impunity to put its soldiers on the ground and violate basic principles, and i think the strong kind of name it's received from indicates the degree to which russia is on the wrong side of history on this. >> president obama said from ukrainian government. >> those in crimea, they are illegal. i would repeat. illegal they tried to squeeze ukrainian assets, tried to confiscate ukrainian property, disarm the ukrainian army for these kind of actions, they have to know. >> leaders in kiev and other world capitols fear ukraine's eastern regions may be next. russian forei
reports from crimea, ukraine, where russian troops are now in control. cia insider mike morell is in studio 57 as the white house struggles for options. >>> snow disrupts the commute for millions cancelled thousands of flights, and paralyzes the nation's capital. >>> plus a night of newcomers at the oscars. "e.t.'s" nancy o'dell was out with the big winners. joe joins us. >>> first, we begin with today's "eye-opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> we don't want a return to the cold war. nobody wants this kind of action. there are going to be repercussions. >> russian and ukraine stand at the brink of war. >> hundreds of russian soldiers surrounding a military base. >> navy movements have also been sighted in the black sea. >> john kerry headed to kiev to show support for the new leader. >> i think putin is playing chess, and i think we're playing marbles, and i don't think it's even close. >> 100 million people are waking up to ice, snow plunging temperatures. >> washington braces for nearly a foot -- >> 2,000 flights grounded nationwide. >> it will be another
and ukraine. there's a sense of pride in this part of the country, signs are not in russian, they're in ukrainian, a different letter alphabet. certainly in crimea, predominantly they do speak russian. language is a big issue and it's been made a big issue by the russians themselves, because there's been a plan to make ukrainian the official language and push russian out of the schools. of course, that makes the russian population in ukraine absolutely inpur infuriated. culture is part of this and that in many ways is what they are fighting about. >> the situation having a major impact on the world's financial markets, the dow lower right now 232 points. it has been in negative territory by triple digits all morning, exchanges in london, paris and frankfurt dropping as much as 3% today. >> in russia, moscowed main stock market falling 11%, raising interest rates to boost the ruble, the currency dipped to a record low against the dollar in trading today. the situation in ukraine could be affecting how much you pay at the pump. russia, one of the world's largest producers of oil and
categorical that he did not want russian intervention into ukraine. now, you know, he's still in russia. he didn't come out and announce it. it was just some letter that he sent to putin. obviously he must be under some extraordinary pressure to have reversed his thinking in just the last few days. >> anderson cooper in kiev, i want to ask you, i have heard anecdotally from friends who have relatives in eastern and southern ukraine and these people are afraid, afraid of what might some one with russian troops there. is there movement of citizens from other parts of ukraine into kiev, the western part of the country that will probably be the last place to fall if russians actually do invade? >> reporter: you know, i don't have direct evidence of that. it would not surprise me, certainly. we speak about these russian-speaking parts of ukraine, eastern ukraine and also crimea. there are other groups as well in crimea. some 60% are russian-speaking ethnic russians but 40% of people from other background who are muslims and others as well. so it is not a monolithic block. the borders are pretty
to take his hands off ukraine. if the russians took more aggressive action, these students said they would resist. >> we will fight because it is our country and our territory. defense, ministry of armed troops appeared at the gates as reservists were told to resume their duty. this colonel said at any minute we are ready to do our duty to protect our country. our patriotic spirit has never been higher. the word here is they did not want to give russia reason to start a shooting war. the foreign secretary, william hague, who was visiting key of them allayed plant at the site where protesters had been shot by snipers. he called on russia to withdraw its troops. situation cannot resolve, if russia cannot respect the sovereignty and integrity of ukraine, there will have to be other consequences. >> here, the foreign secretary was listened to closely. he said there would be consequences for russia but did not spell out what they might be. there are no military options on the table but the question is whether the west is prepared to try to isolate russia economically. the crisis is dividing fam
. >> update to developing news out of ukraine. russian military given ukrainian forces in crimea until 7:00 tonight to surrender or face a storm, that's 7:00 california time. according to russian news agency ultimatum attributed to chief commander of russia's black sea fleet. more troops entered the peninsula this weekend. now questions how far in the eastern ukraine russian troops may go. here's nbc's bill neely. >> reporter: russia's tightening its grip on ukraine. europe's borders redrawn by force. and the pressure is growing on president obama and the west to do something. meanwhile, here russian troops have the ukrainian army pinned down. >> russian troops have fought many wars to take crimea this time they didn't have to. they have marched in and occupied it without firing a shot, and without resistance. it took just three days. the russian march across crimea is relentless and it seems unstoppable. the big question is where exactly in ukraine will these men stop? they still surround ukrainian army bases, this one of the biggest. ukrainian troops inside are
? nbc's ian williams is live in eastern ukraine. we're hearing russian fighter jets overnight violated ukraine's air space. >> reporter: this is what we're hearing from ukrainian government sources, the fighter jets flew over the black sea, but within ukrainian air space. this is just the latest development stoking fears of wide eruption and intervention here. this city in eastern ukraine, russian speaking, and the fear is that this may be one place to face russian tension. you may see over my left shoulder the statue of lenin, the focus of pro russian protesters. there was violence and sinister developments over the weekend here, protests, clashes which led to more than 100 people being injured. clashes between pro moscow protest ersz aers and supportere government. the pro moscow groups briefly took over the town hall here. fear is they may be trying to whip up chaos to justify a russian intervention here. this will be one of the key things, we believe, that john kerry will be talking about when he comes to kiev tomorrow. this real fear of wider russian intervention and how best to p
>> breaking news in the crisis in ukraine. putin is asking to use the russian military in crimea. the troops are arriving to the region since friday and it is trying to protect the pro russian people already there. for the new government in kiev they are calling it an illegal invasion. phil, is this a provocation of war? >> well, we have a lot of fast moving events going on here. as far as a provocation maybe the ukrainians in the west are seeing it that but certainly the russians are seeing it that way. we have heard official text is made available to us, putin is appealing to the upper houses of the russian parliament, the federal council, he said that due to situation in ukraine and threatening the lives, the personnel of the armed forces of the russian federation should be used in ukraine and then he quotes articles within the russian constitution. we do know that the federation council is about to vote on this here in moscow. there needs to be a clear majority. putin has sent one of his deputy foreign ministers to represent him in the council and if they do vote on this in a
in crimea. ukraine under lee against to pro-russian forces. >> with more on the ukraine crisis, more western leaders are calling for the call for russia to back off crimea. we'll be live at that meeting in brussels where sanctions are being discussed. [ gunfire ] >> also ahead an exclusive with syrian opposition, fighters trying to hold up a new government assault in aleppo. words and not weapons, how rwandaen soldiers are bringing peace to the central african return. >> the west is pounding pressure on russia as pro kremlin forces tighten it's grip on ukraine's crimea. warnings to russia, and russia's foreign minister said his country's presence is needed to protect ukraine. soldier in military base in crimea are refusing to leave despite to being surrounded by men who are thought to be russian forces. could you just give us an update as to where you are right now, what's happening on the ground? >> reporter: well, i'm just in front of the base, and about a a half hour ago the commander came out and spoke to the media, and he said basically that he is not surrendering to the russians at thi
>>> ukraine crisis. russian troops roll one of the latest plans to stop them. >>> u.s. stocks tumbling. how the ukraine crisis is hitting your 401(k). snow emergency. a massive winter storm blows east with more freezing temperatures. >>> hello, i'm john berman in new york. >> i'm michaela pereira from beverly hills after a big night at the oscars. the tweet that stole the shoechlt a little blue sky popping out. mother nature kind of had us all on egg shells. they thought it was going to rain on the red carpet. it didn't. the red carpet went off without a hitch and the show went off without a hitch. all everybody is saying is that the show, oscars, 86. the 86th academy awards was a huge success. john? >> we'll get back to the glamour in a bit. thanks so much, micayla. russia's official news agency says russia has given ukraine forces until tomorrow morning to surrender or they will storm military bases on the crimean peninsula. ukrainian troops refusing to surrender to what appear to be russian forces, both sides armed and ready. u.s. officials confirmed that russian forces hav
. putin got approval from the russian parliament to send troops into ukraine. and the russians have seized control of the crimean peninsula without firing a shot. ukraine's government says we are on the brink of disaster. and is asking the u.s. and europe for help. let's get the latest now from fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin. >> chris, military historians say this could be the most dangerous situation in europe since the soviet invasion of czechoslovakia in 1968. president obama spoke by phone with russian president putin for 90 minutes saturday ghaending moscow withdraw its forces back to bases in crimea. the president offered to send international monitors to ukraine, you 00 crane yap officials say thousands of russian troops have flooded in to crimea, convoys have left their naval base surrounding an the only action is has been to pull out of preparatory meetings for a g-8 summit in sochi this june. ukraine closed its air space to noncivilian aircraft and withdraw its vessels from two bases. ukraine's prime minister appealed to the u.s. and britain to interven
country has a duty to protect ethnic russians in ukraine. donetske, is the home of viktor yanukovych. rory challenge in moscow. let's go to tim friend who is in the ukrainian capital of kiev. this suggesting that russians, the ukrainian defense ministry now being denied from russia. what's the story from where you are tim? >> reporter: well i think everyone has an agenda obviously with this crisis in crimea. and of course, to a certain extent it is in the ukrainians' interest to keep reports of russian aggression or alleged aggression or forthcoming aggression high on the agenda. now, it pa may well frof to be e in the -- prove to be true in the coming hours that russia is going to carry out some kind of ultimatum or fulfill some kind of deadline for ukrainian troops have have been -- who have been surrounded in crimea by pro-russian forces, in their barracks, on their ships, may make good this reported threat which was coming from sources certified the defense ministry here, may make good that, and actually fulfill their plan. but, as you say, it's been denied at the moment by russia. n
. >> protesters around the globe are calling for peace in ukraine. dozens spoke out to the russian consulate. they called for a free and independent ukraine. >> over 100 people have marched more than two miles from new york's times square to the russian consulate to protest what they call an act of aggression on the part of putin and its ukrainian russian tensions coming to a boil - many demonstrators worried about their family back home. >> i have family in crimea, and they describe the situation as the russian soldiers occupying ukrainian territory. i don't feel safe for them. it's not - the russians should not interfere with ukraine. >> at the consulate and through the streets of new york city, protesters have been chanting crimea is ukraine. they want russian forces to redeploy back to their bases. >> still ahead - north korea launching missiles. why it may be a warning to the u.s., and why the regime later released a political prisoner. plus an olympian accused of murder. the case that's called south africa's o.j. simpson trial. (♪) >>> carnival taking a backseat in venezuela. why pro
're following. an ultimatum in ukraine, russian telling forces in the crimea to surrender. >> this cannot be the way in the 21st century to conduct international affairs. >> the international community trying to respond to russia's occupation. >> oscar pistorius pleading not guilty as he goes on trial for
with the ambassador. he says that the ukraine will defend itself against what he calls the illegal russian aggression. he says kiev does not want an armed conflict but will be successful. he wants the world leaders to stand up to vladimir putin, to tell them to, quote, cool things off. clearly the tensions and the prospect of a possible war in and a military standoff are taking its toll. >> you fear there could be war. >> well, i think to pray and to be situated and to think about that, have to be prepared for what happened. we are preparing to defend ourselves. we are preparing to defend ourselves with the help of our partners. so the message is, in europe, in the united states. >> and we expect the ambassador to basically echo those same comments he gave us. >> it's been quite a series of sort of contradicting statements we have heard out of russia. do we have any clarity yet? >> no, other than here, the russian ambassador continues to defend the actions of moscow, and he blames this crisis on the west. he says that the military forces were sent in to ensure stability of the crimea region and says
the weapons in crimea. they are the heavily pro russian state in ukraine. u.s. officials say 6,000 troops are already there taking control. today president putin watched his troops in russia practicing and as he bears down, the world is waiting to see how president obama will live up to his work. three days ago, he spoke with costs for any military intervention by russia. secretary of state john kerry is heading to the capital of kiev tonight and the u.s. just announced they won't send a delegation to the paralympics in sochi that start on friday. the critics say the u.s. response has not been fast or furious enough. senator john mccain for instance spoke to cnn last hour. >> with ukraine, it is the crown jewel. let's go back to peace. what kind of a message are we sending and slashing the military some. >> we are covering this international kroo isz from all angles the retired general. phil black is in moscow. help us clear up the confusion here. the question we want to know with forces, did russia issue an ultimatum and set this deadline on ukrainians if they don't swear allegiance or s
a speech on foreign affairs an then gets on a plane and heads for ukraine. he may meet with his russian counterpart sergey lavrov. >> michael, forgive me for the bluntness of this question. when we spend so much time on the international story. why does the u.s. impair the ongoing crisis in ukraine and particularly in crimea? >> that is threshold question, no question about it. that is the first question when the president ultimately faces the press on this that he will get from the press corps. a destabilized ukraine means a destabilized europe and all kinds of problems for the united states. the president also says today, when congress does return, they're out today on a snow day, he wants them to take up sanctions in coordination with the european union, against russia in retaliation for this. harry reid, the democratic leader says we can't wait, we have to go it alone. only 2% of the trade is done with russia. this affects europeans much more than it does the united states, in a much more direct fangs. any unilateral sanctions from united states wouldn't have the bite unless the eur
to the crisis in the ukraine. investors are selling off russian and western assets on concerns that we are seeing a standoff between russia and the west intensify to a level we have not seen, really, since the end of the cold war. jonathan ferro joins us with the details of the selloff in russia, while caroline hyde takes a closer look at what is happening to european companies and markets. >> russian equities down eight 8.5%.lf percent -- that was for one reason and one reason only, russia's central bank comes out and hikes to seven percent from 5.5%. they say the reason is to prevent inflation risks and ensure financial stability. it does not remove political risk. that is what is driving these markets. look in commodity markets, that is where you get the broader story. natural gas is up two percent this morning. his been up there since most of the morning. this is critical, not just for russia and ukraine, but for the eu as well. they get a third of their gas imports from russia. that takes away some of the leverage they have in their negotiations. what happens to the likes of europ
that his goal is to isolate russia and make its actions in ukraine very costly. with russian troops now swarming, sovereigning ukrainian territory, preparing likely sanctions against russia. president obama vowing today to make russia's military intervention a costly proposition. >> what we're indicating to the russians is that if, in fact, they continue on the projectory that they are on, we are going to have a negative impact on russia's economy and its status in the world. >> reporter: the possible sanctions include freezing the overseas assets of russian individuals and companies, banning travel for russian leaders and businessmen and at the more extreme end, blocking some russian banks from the international financial system, an enormously costly situation for russia. all of these require unity within the western powers and today a sign they could be divided. this official document caught on camera by a british photographer as it was cared to 10 downing street in london refers to britain's support for key figures but says that the uk should not support for now trade sanctions or cl
, in ukraine. the russian foreign minister says russia has chosen to intervene because the lives of its citizens are under threat. william hague is also in kiev for talks at the moment with the interim government. he described it as the biggest crisis in europe this century. speaking at 5eu news conference, i warned consequence else for russia if it didn't respect ukrainian territory. >> if this situation cannot be resolved, there will have to be other consequences and other costs. and i'm not going to say today what all of those are. we will act in a united way with other nations in the world. the european union meeting today will gate some of the things, some of the areas that might be involved, subject to the discussions of my colleagues in brussels. so russia should be no doubt about this. this is something we take very seriously, we have to take very seriously. because if this is -- if this becomes the normal way of behaving in the world, of intruding upon and violating the sovereignty of neighbors, clearly that would be an even bigger crisis in international affairs. >> william ha
russian counterpart over the phone to pull back the troops. secretary of state john kerry flies to ukraine tomorrow. after the meeting today with the president of moldova, another former soviet republic whose security may depend on the result in ukraine. on sunday, kerry was quite strident in his condemnation of russia. >> this is an act of aggression that is completely trumped up in terms of its pretext. it's really 19th-century behavior in the 21st century. >> financial markets today appear to be exacting their own revenge on russia, and investors as a whole. u.s. markets are down triple digits in midday trading. while the main russian exchange lost about 11% of its value and the russian ruble hit an all-time low against the dollar. still, the question remains, how should the u.s. respond to this crisis, which began after the ouster of ukraine's pro-russia regime last month? the answer among some hawks is, naturally, first blame president obama. the "washington post" editorial section wrote today, "president obama has led a foreign policy based more on how he thinks the world should oper
of russian troops are focused in the crimea region following a dramatic weekend in the ukraine. this is a declaration of war by vladimir putin. u.s. secretary of state john kerry condemning russia's actions and will travel to kiev tomorrow for talks with the new ukrainian government. >> president putin is using force in a completely inappropriate manner. fears he's going to lose on the international stage. russia is going to lose. >> steve, it's the one possible benefit of seeing russian aggression here, but actually, it could boost popular support for the new ukrainian government. >> i'm not sure about that, julia. i think this is a country that's split top to bottom, east to west, north to south. the russians invaded crimea. it is the russian troops in force with a lot of military hardware. because they said and putin said with the backing on the russian parliament they were defending the interest of russian speakers, just to remind viewers, crimea was russian. 58% of the minimum of the population believe themselves to be russian. it's a similar story in the east of the count
. in a blow to ukraine's government the head of its navy defected to the pro-russian forces and is being charged with treason. jennifer glasse is in crimea, and has been to a base surrounded by armed groups. she said in this report, near the crimean capital. >> it was not a day that sergei storozhenko expected. a group of russians came to his base, wanting him to surrender. "they said they are here to bring stability to crimea", what that meant he didn't know. he refused to give up. truckloads arrive. the colonel watches and says, "they're here." the ukrainians move a vehicle to the gate. there'll be no reinforcements. no one is coming from kiev. i'm alone. me and my brigade. we'll do what we can and we'll see. we'll see. then the troops come in on foot. some civilians try to stop them. soon they had the base surrounded much the two armies feet from each other. >> we have a standoff here. ukrainian troops, russian troops - they are russian troops all around here. they came in earlier and told the commander to give us a base. he said he wouldn't. now they are standing against each other.
a map for you, pipelines that want go through ukraine from russia to europe about 25% of russian exports go to europe and half of that goes to those pipelines that go through ukraine. you can see the uncertainty something at play in all the markets today. >> those warm water ports in crimea for russia the only warm water ports they have. christine romans thanks very much. >>> in just a moment we'll check in over at the white house. first the latest from crimea itself. let's go to our correspondent on the ground. what's the latest, diana? >> reporter: hi, wolf. the new ukrainian naval commander because the old one defected just a few days ago and transferred the pro russian kiev side, the new commander says that ten naval and military bases across crimea are now under the control of russian forces and we've also heard reports of attacks on border posts along the east of crimea. our own ben weidmann is on the way there. most of these takeovers have been very peaceful, very strange standoff. where soldiers are just basically standing around but it still means this entire continent is under
there in ukraine, talking specifically about the russians of course. >> yes, and he said the uk is not considering a military option. i think that was pretty self evident but now it's from the lips of the foreign minister. the diplomatic route is that everyone i think more or less wants to go down. fascinating but as the british foreign secretary was talking in geneva the russian foreign minist minister laverof was saying we need to be calm and we need to pursue political, diplomatic channels. but of course the gulf between them in ideology is huge, remains so. the russians see what happened here in kiev as an illegitimate over throwing of an elected president yanukovych who of course fled the country as a result of demonstrations here and the culminations and the killings in the square. russians say they have gone to crime yeah and said this repeatedly to protect their ethnic, russian-speaking ukrainians. it's an atonomous and john kerry said that and william hague said it's the biggest in century. >> reporter: more crisis meetings being held in kiev and everyone you say is closely watching the
bases in eastern ukraine where russian flags are hosted in eastern ukraine. pro-russians took over a floor of a main administrative building. >> those who are in crimea and if they present any legal and i would raise it again, any legal power in crimea, they try to squeeze ukrainian efforts, come to seize ukrainian property, tried to disarm the ukrainian army. >> reporter: there has been tough talk from western leaders like brit intaken's foreign -- britain's foreign secretary in the hague. secretary of state john kerry said world leaders are prepared to go to the hilt to isolate russia with respect to this invasion. g7 countries are suspending preparations for the g8 summit that is supposed to be held in sochi. besides sanctions there is little else they can do to apply pressure to russia. it is clear diplomacy is the only way to work this out but it is not clear what the sharpest, most effective tools in the diplomatic tool box. russia is paying price for its actions. the stock market went down 10% in moscow. that is the worst hit since 2008. it is down $58 billion since the clos
we're following this hour. western leaders are rushing to defuse a crisis in ukraine, as russian leaders pull in the opposite direction. >>> red cross officials from japan and north korea have finished their first talks in 18 months. >>> and we begin our week-long coverage, bringing you all the latest developments from the national people's congress in beijing. the interim president of ukraine says russian forces have made a declaration of war. troops have surrounded military outposts in the southern ukrainian republic of crimea. russian president vladimir putin suggested he had the right to invade. nhk world's minna comb saw wow reports. >> reporter: in this major crimean city residents gathered to show their allegiance to russia. ethnic russians make up more than 60% of the region's population. crimea is important to russia, as well. the country's black sea fleet is currently stationed at the foes of sevastopol. the russian parliament's upper house on saturday unanimously approved a request by putin to use military force in ukraine. the black sea fleet has already been increasi
or not russian forces might actually go into eastern part of ukraine. other russian-speaking areas. if that happens, that would be a major escalation. in sign of that at this point. but there's real concern about what the next step of vladimir putin is, wolf. >> because it's clear to everyone that the ukrainian military is really under the worst of circumstances would be no match for the russian military, which is so much more powerful, so much more advanced. so the key as you correctly point out, according to u.s. officials, as well, keep the russian troops in crimea, but if they start moving eastward, towards where you are in kiev, that would escalate the situation dramatically. is there a real concern in kiev with the ukrainian government that the russian military might actually move toward the east? >> there is concern. basically everybody here you talk to has that concern. for them, that obviously is -- would be the ultimate act of declaration of war. they already see this as a declaration of war. but to move into eastern parts of ukraine. and that's -- you know, the borders o
. it is three days into what the white house is described as a russian invasion of ukraine and now vladimir putin is tightening his grip. today russia's navy demanded that all ukrainian forces in crimea surrender by tomorrow. >> this could spread to the east and it's already dangerous and could get horrendous. >> john kerry arrives in ukraine tomorrow on a diplomatic mission to support the interim ukrainian government. secretary kerry warned there could be repercussions for russia and he said all options are still on the table. >> this is an act of aggression that is completely trumped up in terms of its pretext. it's really 19th century behavior in the 21st century. >> 19th scentury, a 90-minute phone call between putin and obama yielded no solutions. and president obama is taking hits at home for his perceived inability to reign in russia. >> would do we care? zbls the ultimate result of a fek less foreign policy where nobody believes in america anymore. >> the u.s. delegation will be skipping the pairalympics in sochi because of what is happening in the ukraine. pro russian demonstrators
ukraine on the brink of disaster, the latest on the standoff between russian and ukraine troops and international response at ending the crisis. the first double amputee to compete in the olympics goes on trial for murder, the case of the blade runner is watched so closely in his country. another winter storm shuts down federal offices and causes major pile ups, where the system is headed today and what could be coming on its heels. >> without rapport we don't have intervention. >> reporter: police officers going the extra mile to change the lives of repeat offenders. ♪ good morning and welcome to al jazeera america, i'm stephanie sy. the crisis in ukraine has quickly spiralled into an international standoff, russian troops now control the crimea peninsula in the southern part of the country and ukraine is mobilizing military calling up reserves and asking for volunteers. this morning the foreign minister sergei fedorov says it's about defending rights and john kerry is heading to kiev on tuesday to meet with members of the interim government and british foreign minister will
into ukraine are protecting his country cost citizens living there. that it is necessary to use russian troops in ukraine until the normalization of the political situation. inventions -- interventions on the pretext of civilian populations produce the opposite effect. ukraine has accused russia of a military invasion. is our,ll, here chicago, illinois, morning. caller: good morning. host: what you think of the situation so far and the u.s. response? i am not the president nor do i serve on his foreign relations or national security team. what the u.s. response should be. unless anyone else who is calling and serves on those two hearties, they have no idea what the u.s. response should be, either. host: is any other response appropriate? caller: i can't say if a response would be appropriate, but there should be a response. georgetown, massachusetts, dan. caller: i suggest to the last caller that he actually digs into it and find some than relyingrather on the information we get from big media. not being reported in the press is the fact that this appointed leader of ukraine happens to be a we
of the black sea fleet on ukraine territory and called for the fast withdrawal of russian troops to their bases. the russian position on event was articulated by the foreign minister in remarks made at today's human rights council. he stated that russia's actions were a question of defending our citizens and compatriots and assuring human rights. the secretary-general has remained closely engaged on the situation in ukraine. in the latest phone call conversation with president clinton over the weekend, the secretary-general told him that he was closely following the serious and rapidly unfolding developments in ukraine. the secretary-general explained -- expressed concern about the situation that would compromise the unity, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of the country. he reiterated it was critical to restore calm and pristine to a deep -- and proceed to a de-escalation and ask for cool heads reveal. since secretary-general appealed to president putin to urgently engage in direct dialogue with the authorities in cap. he has repeatedly exercised that it is critical to exercise respect f
to join the russian speaker officers or they would be held hostage. of ukraine's navy has basically surundered. he's now going to be charged with treason. ukraine's coast guard, the ships in several ports around the crimean peninsula have left their posts. they're now out in the black sea. ukraine maintains that they're still loyal to kiev, but there's still some doubt about that. just a lot of tension, as you mentioned, here. lots of troops on the ground. we're seeing tanks. we're seeing armored vehicles, as i mentioned earlier. the problem is that we cannot confirm whether they are actual troops from the kremlin. none of these soldiers have any sort of insignia on them. they're all wearing the same outfits, fatigues, same guns. very tense situation here, and a lot of people are expecting many more troops to arrive in the near future. as for russia's part, we can see on russian television that they're gearing up to send more troops here. and it's a very, very tense situation. >> you know, it's pretty interesting when you can't tell who is fighting for who, if they're not in marked
. joining us. coming up tensions as the late pro russian forces tightened their grip on crimea and ukraine's prime minister accused moscow of declaring war on his country condemnation from the west the us secretary of state accuses russia of an incredible act of aggression and threatened very serious repercussions. and nightfall someone like that and yet after another day of demonstrations ukrainians wave international's lacks the protest right chest tightening grip on the union the eye. light is on the brink of disaster the stark message from the country's interim prime minister today. shania daniel says that brussels moves to take control of crimea amount to a declaration of war the government is calling up all its military reserves in response and is appealing for help from the outside world now as ukraine mobilize this was another massive anti western valley in central kiev on sunday. protesters paraded flags of the world to tackle those calls for international support the crowd also heard from the couch additionally he was president of georgia in two thousand eight when it fought a br
the other area. >>> ukraine is protecting russians living there. they have surrounded military basis in the region and demanded ukrainian soldiers hand over their weapons. they are demanding that russia back down. >> we call upon russia to honor all of its international commitment and withdraw to all of its bases and to refrain from any interference elsewhere in ukraine. >> now across the u.s., ukraine and ins have few inside the russian government. he has contained it on the part of the rupture. >>> he said is he taking a paid leave of absence. ron called roan was charged with taking 100,000 in bribes along with gourmet meals in exchange for changed legislation. they called on him to either resign or take a leave of absence. >>> governor jerry brown said he is not sure legalizing marijuana is a good idea for pot heads. the first two states have been lease legalized and he is not sure about the widespread affects. >> how many people can get stoned and still have a great nation. i think we need to stay alert if not 24 hours a day, more that be some of the pot heads might be able to pu
all over ukraine, and this morning, russian forces seized a ferry terminal in kerch, possible landing point for more troops. it's all raising fears that putin is on the verge of invading the rest of ukraine in an effort to rest control from opposition forces that ousted a pro-russian president, viktor yanukovych 10 days ago. the interim prime minister said we're on the brink of disaster. nbc's bill nealy has more on russia's latest military maneuvers. >> reporter: they're exerting their control here without firing a shot. there are no tanks here. this isn't hungary '56 or czechoslovakia. their control almost complete. in the last hour or two, two pieces of news, russian fighter jets have flown over the black sea. ukraine says that's a violation of its airspace. the russians testing and probing ukraine and the west. also, moscow has decided to build a huge bridge between here, crimea, and the russian mainland. they are almost literally bringing the two bits together, crimea pulling away almost literally from ukraine. >> almost trying to annex it. putin's aggression has set off alarm be
. because of the extraordinary situation in ukraine which represents a threat to the lines of russian citizens. our compatriots and a contingent of russian armed forces that kate is in the autonomous republic of crimea. according to an international treaty as stated in the constitution of the russian federation. why else the upper house of online for permission to use all forces in ukraine until the situation is stabilized the federation council unanimously approved the move that was specifically retreated back to the centers and the presidential spokesman. that's the deployment was optional depending on the severity of the threats to the russian nationals living in the crimea and the south east terrace result. ukraine is sending kids to iraq the president likes to react promptly. in case all infiltration of radical groups into those tight trees at the rock attacks on nationalistic radicals on the crutches or in a bout of soul continues to move to the ones that take place on the first of march in the crimea is happy to see that all white. the ny crummy refuses to recognize the duty to
. there was no any reason. the russian federation. he needs ukraine and we believe. that all oppressed and talked. and the entire global community will support that every tool integrity and unity of ukraine. meanwhile the main town in the typical run into national flags and cons thousands take to the streets to decry the russian occupation willie mickey its independence cueto and yanukovich protest is demonstrated for months thousands rallied against russia the sunday taunting the ten pounds of ukraine well course went on to practise and now he tells us of what the mood is like in the iconic score the woods again this sunday tens of thousands of ukrainians appeal to independents way in central kiev. this is one of the biggest demonstrations in seeing it this year. but this time it's not a protest against the ukrainian government. it's a gathering for the peace and against what people did clearly seen as justified to russian aggression. i think i would go into my constant government is not against russia was against me that reaction. yet for the support them and us with tools to govern us right n
, justin, thank you. >>> concerns growing this morning over russia's invasion of the ukraine. russian troops in unmarked uniforms continue to pour into the crimea area. boycotts have been threatened. the white house has ruled out military action. secretary of state john kerry is traveling to ukraine tomorrow. >>> tensions also rising on the korean peninsula. for the second time in days, north korea has fired off missiles as the u.s. and south korea conduct military exercises in the region. the two missiles, launched separately, traveled for about 200 miles before landing in the sea. north korea has condemned the joint military maneuvers by the u.s. and south korea. >>> all right with the crisis in ukraine and north korea, president obama spends time on the mideast today. he meets with benjamin netanyahu at the white house. mr. obama says it's time for israel to make peace with the palestinians. or there could be fallout. netanyahu says he won't give in to pressure. >>> at the white house, police arrested nearly 400 demonstrators, mostly college students, two strapped themselves to a f
night.march 2nd, ukraine. russian troops surround ukrainian military facilitators in crimea. the ukrainian prime minister calls it a declaration of war. secretary of state john kerry issues a new warning to russia next on pbs "newshour weekend." >> pbs "newshour weekend" is made possible by louis b. and louise coleman. judy and josh westin. the walloch family, rosalynn p. wa.
and there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> russian troops move into crimea as the interim government accuses the kremlin of an invasion. what happens now? we'll have a live report. and the chair of the house intelligence committee, mike rogers, joins us with the latest. only on "fox news sunday". >>> then a new investigation into irs targeting of conservative groups. we'll tal
military bases across the crimean region. russian troop haves taken over the area after ukraine's pro russian president was ousted last week. so far the troops have met with almost no resistance. the obama administration calls the invasion an incredible act of aggression but says a military response is not an option. instead, the u.s. and its allies are threatening vladimir putin with canceled trade deals and economic sanctions. former cia deputy director says president obama's credibility is at stake. >> the things that we've done already are pretty weak and putin will see them as weak. the only thing that vladimir putin understands is tough. >> officials here at the united nations are looking at options to stop the crisis from escalating. the deputy secretary general to the u. n. was sent to ukraine last night to assess the situation. the secretary of state john kerry will meet with members of ukraine's new government in the capital city of kiev tomorrow. the obama administration says it is ready to work with other countries to provide support for ukraine's broken economy. alexis ch
, ukraine on the brink. russian troops moving into the country while the rest of the world chooses sides. the new steps the u.s. is taking this morning and the key ally russia may have picked up overnight. >>> right now, brutal winter storm pummeling the east. millions waking up to snow and ice, being warned, stay off the roads. schools and offices shut down, thousands of flights already grounded this morning. our indra petersons is live tracking this latest winter storm for us. >>> and while you were sleeping, it ended, just minutes ago. hollywood honoring its best at the academy awards. we'll have the show-stopping moments and all the historic wins. good morning, everyone. a lot going on this morning. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it's monday, march 3rd. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. >>> let's begin with breaking news, the crisis in ukraine escalating by the hour. u.s. officials confirming russian forces have seized complete operational control of the crimean peninsula. ukraine's new government putting its own military on high alert, charging russia
between the russian and ukrainian officials. they are demanding ukraine surrender two wars >>> storm team 4 continues to track the winter weather, and veronica johnson is back in a minute about is to come in the hours ahead. but other headlines. >>> the united nations security koun sill is meeting behind closed door to talk about the crisis in ukraine. there are differ iing reports o whether russian navy ordered ukraine to remove their warships. russia denies the ultimatum. and president obama warned russia risks international condemnation. >> the condemnation around the world demonstrates where the world stands on this. >> and benjamin netanyahu is adding pressure for a middle east peace talk between the israelis and palestinians. president obama said that tough decisions have to be made before then. and netanyahu said that israel is doing but palestinians have not, and he has vow ed to do what he can to p protekt the israeli state. >>> and the eyes are in a courtroom in south africa where olympic winner oscar pistorius is on trial for the murder of his girlfriend. a neighbor said that h
way out of ukraine. but the russians don't seem to be looking for a way out. president putin claims the military action is protecting the minority ethnic russian population. some russian protesters seen here in this video beating up a pro-ukrainian protester. others have been tearing down ukrainian flags and raising the flag of the russian federation. simon, do you agree that this could be the most important foreign policy decision president obama will make thus far in his presidency? >> oh, absolutely, gretchen. i think there's no question this is the most important foreign policy issue facing him and the most important moment in the history of the relationship between washington and moscow since the collapse of the soviet union. we are at a point now where the russians appear de facto to have annexed the crimean peninsula. the real question is whether or not this is as far as vladimir putin wants to go or whether he's going to try to peel parts of eastern ukraine away from an independent ukrainian government. were that to be the case, i think all bets would be off about where this
start targeting ukraine officials and russian officials with banking sanctions. they'll consider stopping the negotiations on easier visa permits. but we can show a lot more decisiveness in this. angela merkel is really waffling on this, which she should be ashamed of. we can talk to the germans very decisively about what we're going to do. >> the key thing is i agree. it doesn't work if just we do it. i worked for president reagan and the soviets went into poland to stop the solidarity movement, we tried to get the europeans not to buy gas this then the soviet union, they wouldn't do it. that's where obama is i think excels, he gets the international community to do it. the great irony here is if it wasn't for the russians, the sanctions against iran wouldn't be working. he was able to get the russians to work with us on iran which is a much are important threat to the united states than whether the russians are in crimea. >> you are also on the point of why this is all going to be a mess. the president calls on the russians for syria, the president calls on the russians for ira
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